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People Who Have Traveled With Us

  • Went on several trips with Backpack Ethiopia. Namely to Langano, Ertale and Lalibela. Each better than the last.
  • Greatest Trip ever. I went to Arbamich and enjoyed it very much. Left several good memories in Ethiopia thanks to Backpack Ethiopia.

In this 1-hour experiential workshop, you will learn:

• How to reduce stress and anxiety
• How mindfulness meditation changes our brain
• How to develop mental awareness to the present moment
• How to foster concentration and clarity

Dr Helena Tucker is a Clinical Psychologist. Following her training and work in the UK, she lived and worked in Uganda and Ethiopia. She is now based in the Czech Republic and works internationally as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychosocial Expert for the International Criminal Court. She specialises in adult mental health and psychological well-being.
A big piece of Helena's heart is in Ethiopia, specifically at Mad Vervet hostel, her second home and her family.

What you get:

  • a hoodie

what you dont get:

A tshiirt